Ever since my first PalmPilot I’ve hated using a stylus, not because of its functionality but due to its cheapo feel and tiny sub-Crayola size. Imagine typing an email with a cocktail toothpick and you’re close to my experience with stylii. 

The iPad screen supports multi-touch, which is fantastic in every way except when drawing, sketching or painting. Fingers are awesome, but a stylus designed for fine art is awesomer.

The PENCIL™ is a new stylus that’s shaped like a carpenter’s pencil and is carved from the wood of a walnut tree. Within its chamber it’s all business—Bluetooth pairing, USB charging—and its exterior features an eraser* on the top, where you would expect it.

But my favorite spec is the sheer mass of it. At nearly 5.5 inches tall and .5 inches wide, it’s almost 400% larger than the average stylus. As if someone decided it was more important to fit the hand of the user rather than the slot of the user’s device.

I’ve not had the pleasure of seeing one in the wild, it being new and all, but all the reviews I’ve read have agreed that the PENCIL™ is singularly well-crafted.  

And its size, for me? Awesomer.

Behold the PENCIL™

*The eraser only works with its companion app PAPER™, but since PAPER™ is also awesome I’ll cut it some erasing non-ubiquitousness slack.