All Your Favorite Music is (Probably) Black

My humorous, highly immersive, and historically accurate talk/course that uncovers the African-American roots of popular music genres that appear to be free of African-Americans. Utilizing a rich audiovisual presentation, I reveal the sonic secrets behind African-Americans’ cultural invisibility within the musical categories they helped define.

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Unsung Women of Music

My humorous, highly immersive, and historically accurate course that reveals the awe-inspiring female song makers, beat-shakers, and dealmakers nudged to the margins of music history.

Melodies have no gender, but the machinations that deliver melodies are overwhelmingly male. Nevertheless, women have persisted in the creation, performance, production, delivery, and influence of music in all genres. My course will uncover the truths, introduce you to exciting tunes, and dive deep into the talent and tales of unfairly obscured women in music. Plus, there will be jokes.

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Prince as a Revolution: How “The Artist” Changed Music and the Music Business

Prince was a musical phenomenon without peers, from his transcendent songs to his kinetic live performances. But due to his restless artistic output and quest for secrecy, tracking how revolutionary Prince was across the musical spectrum has been mysterious until now.

My talk/course explores the depths of The Purple One’s genius from multiple angles. You’ll see rare music videos, listen to and dissect his multi-tracks, and investigate his songwriting through his unique studio processes. You’ll also learn about his battles for gender, racial, financial, and artistic equity. It’s like a live documentary, with jokes!

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